Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentines Day Decorating

Valentines day is rapidly approaching  so I decided it was time to put craft some loving around the house! As you can see we love movies... a little bit too much... and I've been pining over all the cute word art on Pinterest lately.  So I took two of my favorite romantic movies/books (The Princess Bride - Pride & Prejudice) and made word art out of the quotes that make my heart flutter every time Westley and Mr. Darcy utter them <3 

I downloaded some pretty fonts from, printed and framed them!  

It's super easy and super adorable :)

I've been oogling at all the cute garlands on Pinterest so when I ran across Cornflower Blue's adorable blog I made some tiny crochet hearts for my very own!  Cornflower Blue's blog shows and explains every step with a picture!  Click on the picture below to learn how to make a crochet heart for someone this Valentines day!

This furry guy has a slice of my heart :)

  but then he unraveled the crochet heart I gave him... 

As cute as they are I wouldn't suggest giving them to your pets...
Namaste and Happy Valentines day friends!

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