Friday, September 7, 2012

Paper Feather

Don't know what to do with old calendars?  Or maybe just pretty paper that you haven't done anything with and it's just sitting in your closet or any other place you put stuff to make you not feel like such a hoarder?

How about me make some pretty paper feathers with it?

 So I have a Monet calendar that I've been lugging around with every move from apartment to apartment for the past two years and I'm thinking it's finally time to make something with it!
Love me some Claude Monet. Maybe it's the name, because my fiancee's real name is Claude too :) Got to love interesting, old school names!

 1. Draw & Cut: You're going to draw out your feather design and then cut. it. out. (said in Full House fashion)

2. Trace & Cut:  Trace your feather shape and then, well, cut it out :)

3. Glue & Smoosh: Add some glue to your feather shape and then smoosh on the other side!

4. Snip Snip: Let it dry and then snip almost to the middle of the feather on both sides

Tada! You've got yourself a pretty little feather to add to a dream catcher, a mobile, a cat toy, decorate a tree, etc...

I'd love to see what you all end up doing with your paper feathers! :)

Have a good day meow :)

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