Monday, September 17, 2012

Re-purposing with Chalkboard Paint

So I went thrifting earlier and I actually did something with it instead of just shoving it in my closet!  Yay! :)  You won't be seeing this girl on an episode of hoarders just yet!  I used one of my favorite crafty tools on my thrifty finds... Chalkboard paint!

Chalkboard Sign
My first re-purposing task was to take this... umm... I don't know what it is but it was free at the thrift shop I frequent so I decided to throw some chalkboard paint over it!  Now it's a cute sign hanging above my Keurig.

TIP: I did 4 coats of chalkboard paint and I waited an hour or more between coats.  Using chalkboard paint a lot I've realized the more you wait between coats the better the chalkboard paint holds and what not (The can instructs you to wait 24 hours... but I was too impatient...).
HOWEVER!  I do always wait 24 hours before I actually use the object that I've covered with chalkboard paint.  

Chalkboard/Dry erase Lap Table Trays
The next thrift store re-purposing I decided to do was to change up these lap table trays.  

Luckily the white part of the tray is like a whiteboard so I figured I'd only make a border around one of them so I could use dry erase markers on it. 

To make a border I used painters tape, decorative scissors and 4 layers of chalkboard paint.

 I just cut the painters tape down the middle and used one side of it to have the scalloped edge.  And then I made a square in the middle and painted in between the blues

Ta Da!  You've got yourself a cute border and you can write little messages to those who use them (My fiancee is in graduate school and he needs a few pick-me-ups while he's studying such riveting material like EKG's... yuck...).

The other lap table tray I decided to make all chalkboard paint so I just put painters tape over the wood so my messy painting skills wouldn't get all over that part of the tray.
Do 4 coats of chalkboard paint, let it dry, and then Ta Da!  You can make lists for yourself in the morning.  You can see I have really wonderful prioritizing skills :) Coffee always wins in my book!

What do y'all like to do with chalkboard paint?!

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