Monday, September 17, 2012

Thirfting Finds

I absolutely love going to to thrift stores and seeing what I can find!  This lovely gem of a trading post always has entirely too much that I pick up and take home with me.  

I always love picking up interesting picture frames, embroidery hoops, craft supplies or free finds (I never pass up free stuff)!

Click on the pic to see what I made this free thrift store find into!

Most thrift stores have their own little treasures that make them special and I found some quirky pick-me-ups!

I also found these lap table trays that I think I'm going to spruce up a bit as well!  Stay tuned :)  I'll show you what I make with all that I've found!  Hopefully it doesn't just end up in my closet like my hoarder tendencies normally like to do... Eeek!

Click on this picture to see what I did to these lap table trays! 

What do ya'll make with your thrift store finds?

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